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The first sunrise and sunset in the Year of the Rat, and here are all the things that I didn’t do that day.

Play hours and hours of majiang 麻将:


I have to admit an embarrassing truth: even though I’ve spent more than two years in this country, but still I have never really learned how to play this game.

…looking at the amounts of money being passed over the table, I was happy that all seats had already been taken anyway.

So I didn’t play.

But then there are always many other ways to lose money (and have a good time):

playing cards

Again, I’m not a great card player, and I guess the thing I lack the most is that certain killer look on my face.

And I didn’t play.

Then, after enough time had gone by (and enough money had changed ownership), everybody felt it was about time to go have some food and then engage in a little karaoke session.

There were some drinking games, and this time I even played some of them too.

But I didn’t drink.

Because I never do.

The others of us enjoyed the singing part.

Again: I didn’t sing.

Well, I thought, while I was sitting there listening to my friends sing, the first day of the new year has revealed something:

…what a boring German I am.

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