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We went back to Guan Di Temple 关帝庙 the next day, and this time, we made it there right before they were going to close up:

Guan Di Temple

During the Spring Festival, people like to get off work early in the afternoon – if they’re working at all.

There were some decorations for the occasion:

red ribbon

Besides that, I also found the amusement section within the temple quite interesting:


No time to ride scooters though, as we had to rush to the next temple:

within Guan Di Temple

Changping 常平, the former residence of Guan Yu:

tree in Guan Di Temple

This tree is supposed to be 1800 years old, which would place it in a historical vicinity with Guan Yu, who also lived in the third century A.D.

The rest of the site is mostly from Qing-dynasty though, or has been recently reconstructed.

Well anyways, they were about to close up this place as well, so we just quickly looked around and then went to the big salt lake that is located south of Yuncheng:

salt lake road

What, isn’t there supposed to be white stuff in a salt lake? I thought, but then just a bit further down the way I found it:

salt lake near Yuncheng

This is obviously not snow either:

salt lake

It was almost dusk already, but a bunch of fine fellows was still busy as hell in the salt pits:

salt workers

They were extracting this stuff (I forget what they called it) that later gets refined to salt:

salt guy

With an hour of work to go, they were getting ready to haul their equipment a few meters over to a new pit:

salt extraction

This thing weighs more than a ton.

Manly men.

For people who are not that manly, there’s a sanatorium on a small island in the salt lake:


We didn’t go there though (even though it sounded nice), but instead we picked up some friends and had dinner.

2008 is going to be the Year of the Rat:


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And what a cute one it is.

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