massive Buddha, heavy snow

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There’s a site in Jishan that’s called Dafo Temple 大佛寺:

Dafo Temple

The name means “Buddha Temple” – and it was pretty big, this 1142 A.D. earthen statue of the seated Buddha:

Buddha statue

I’m in the top left corner of the photograph, kind of like in those frustrating Where’s Waldo books.

I forgot to mention the best thing: they told me this 20m-statue is practically in original condition.

Not the biggest sitting Buddha in the world, but still… awe-abiding.

Well, at some point I had to leave town and get on the highway again, so I waved good-bye to the old guy with the headphones who was watching the bridge over the river:

headphone guy

And with a distance of roughly 15km to go, I felt pretty relaxed about today’s walk:

tree shade

Then it started snowing:

icy bus

…and it came down really heavy:

plants in the snow

Not very many people around, so it got quite lonely on the highway, and I was happy to run into a friendly face every once in a while:

guy with hat

A bit after this was also the first time I slipped and fell. I would have liked to be able to say that this winter I didn’t fall down, but here I swirled and landed flat on my ass.

When I got up (which wasn’t that easy with all my gear on), I first made sure that nobody had seen anything, then I brushed off the snow, walked around the next street corner, and realized I was there:


This is Zhaidian.

Really feels like a place where you’d be looking for a saloon and a shoot-out at noon, doesn’t it?

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