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My friends know: I’m a lazy pig.

But I left my hotel this morning:

hotel for aliens living

My friend who works for a local news station was going to shoot a tiny feature about me.

So we went around and I did what I do: walking and taking pictures and asking for the way.

We also tried to figure out the mysterious “molehill” with a couple of friends:

looking at the weird thing on the map

They say it might be a mountain.

I say I’ll go check it out then.

Well, I didn’t get too far today. Basically only moved within the city limits.

There’s a place in the south part of town that’s called Yao Temple ๅฐงๅบ™:

Yao Temple

This is a huge complex originally built during the Tang-dynasty, although most of what can be seen today is either from later dynasties or has been completely rebuilt a couple of years ago.

It’s all dedicated to the mythical Emperor Yao ๅฐงๅธ:

Emperor Yao

…one of the five legendary forefathers of Chinese civilization.

Another one of those five is Fuxi – faces and the birth of man), by the way.

The whole site is still surprisingly large today.

tourists in Yao Temple

It used to be at least three times as big, though.

Running around with my friend, I had some fun putting up my tripod here and there in the blistering cold and taking night shots of things:

Yao Temple at night

A pillar.

building within Yao Temple

A gate (built only a few years ago).

For this one, some friendly dudes agreed to backlight the tree with the headlights of their truck:

tree at night

It’s still snowing, by the way.

I’ll put the gaiters back on tomorrow.

And get back on the highway.

  • ๅžๅฝฌ

    I'm bianbin. I saw my photo in your website.I am very happy.
    Best wishes for you!
    Have a good trip!


  • Rubi

    der baum hat fotocom-gallerie-potenzial ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Becci

    ich hab mir das bild nochmal angeschaut und ich finde jetzt, dass das aussieht wie ein wald oder ein tal, dass von bergen umgeben ist – wie "in einem land vor unserer zeit", erinnerst du dich an den trickfilm? also wenn du littlefoot und co triffst, mach wieder so ein cooles video!


  • David lee

    I like the tree with dim light, one hundred percent!!!


  • Christoph

    ๅžๅฝฌ: I'll tell you about the molehill when I get there, buddy. You hang in there!
    Rubi: Soll ich mal versuchen?
    Becci: Haha, ich gucke mal, was ich finde. Die meisten Leute sagen, es müsste ein einsamer Berg sein. Wie eine Warze auf dem Land.
    David lee: Thanks chief! And thanks to the guys with the car.


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