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I just remembered something: a while ago I had read in a German publication that Linfen was supposed to be the dirtiest town in all China.

Polluted, that is.

It seemed so intriguing to me… what would it be like, this ultimate degree of pollution?

Now that I am here, it’s just amazingly un-amazing.

Okay, besides the obvious problems that are inherent to any region that depends on coal mining…

Traffic can get pretty heavy here, too:

Linfen traffic

And there’s the notorious construction work all about the place:


All day – and all night..

In my personal opinion, Linfen seems alright, though:

Linfen at night

A place where young girls dress up and shake their little butts up and down the avenues can’t possibly be the worst.

I’ve been thinking about the whole video issue for a while now. Today I went into a store and did some extensive price negotiations, which ended up in both parties feeling victorious I guess:

camera shop

So there will be more moving pictures in the future.

Oh, I almost forgot! I wanted to tell you about the weird thing on the map:

See the question mark about 100km southwest from me?

If you zoom in you’ll see that the place looks like some kind of mole or something.

I don’t know whether it’s a mountain or a crater, but it looks interesting and I’m thinking maybe I should go check it out?

It’s a bit west off my original route.

What do you think?

Is it a mountain or a crater?

Should I go and find out?

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