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I look like shit today:


Better take a day off to buy some medicine and get some rest.

The problem is, how to take a day off?

I still:

1) take pictures,

2) write stuff,

3) WALK.

Well, at least I’m not making miles today, though. Only a short way to the smallest restaurant I’ve ever been to:

noodle place

Good noodles, and an interesting conversation with the two other dudes at the only table, both of them coal workers from different parts of the country.

I really enjoyed their company: neither too timid nor overly friendly, they just seemed to take me as what I would really like to be – a regular person.

Well, anyways I went back to my room early.

Spent some time putting photographs together.

Witness a decline.

  • Wanda

    Rest up Christoph! I know I keep saying to be careful and take care of yourself, and you're probably getting tired of hearing it, so just know that I'm thinking it all the time, and I won't say it any more! The sundown pictures were awesome the other day! Get well…


  • David lee

    big German, warm up! your tired face is better looking than your burning butt, just kidding, did you finish your 1/3 trip? fortunately! you can easy find medicine in China, it is easier then EU is'n it? have a rest, don't push yourself!
    good luck~


  • Marvin

    Not exactly a "Dunkin Donut" type estabishment?


  • Freya

    ๅฅฝๅฅฝไผ‘ๆฏ๏ผๅ…‹้‡Œๆ–ฏๅคšๅคซ~~~ Haha, btw, do you have a Chinese name?


  • Christoph

    Wanda: It's so nice we are staying in touch so well – and I appreciate every time you tell me to watch out for myself! ๐Ÿ™‚
    David lee: What do you mean by 1/3 trip?
    Marvin: I think I haven't had a donut in such a long time I have already forgotten what Boston Creme tastes like… ๐Ÿ™
    Freya: ้›ทๅ…‹


  • froggyfrog

    The video is cool!


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