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This morning I made a mistake.

I looked at the map and thought: 15km is not that much, I can easily walk it off in the afternoon!

So I wasted a long time doing nothing, looking at magazines, not realizing what a long day lay ahead of me:


Even though some of these covers might seem somehow promising, but you’re not going to find any nudity in these.

China is officially porn-free.

Well, I didn’t want to buy any reading materials anyways, instead I went and had lunch in a place that I thought was interesting:


Looks somehow familiar, doesn’t it?

Chicken of California

It’s CFC – Chicken Of California.

Then I checked out the meteor (or is it a comet, or an asteroid?) in a local park:

meteor of Lingshi

They call it tianshi ๅคฉ็Ÿณ here, “sky stone”, and it impacted during the Sui-dynasty (้š‹ 580-618).

Must have been quite a shock to the people back then.

You see, I was off for a slow start today. I walked and I took my time, all the while not realizing my mistake.

I marveled at the smallest Karaoke-bar I’ve ever seen:


KTV. This means hanging out in a little room looking at a screen, drinking beer, singing songs.

I didn’t go in. I’m not a good singer.

It was already getting dark outside, but I still wouldn’t speed up the pace.

How could I, with a wedding ceremony to be witnessed?

wedding ceremony

In an area covered this heavy in coal and dust, I guess partying needs to be a bit heavier than in other places:


The groom was already totally wasted and barely able to stand on his own two feet, but still his entourage made him carry along his bride.

Lots of laughter.

One poor groom.

It was about that time when I realized not only the groom was in critical condition, but I was, too:

night walking

15km somehow had somehow turned into a winding 30km, with rocks on the right hand side and cliffs on the left.

A damn long way, alongside of what seemed to be a thousand trucks roaring through the cold and dark:

trucks navigating on country roads

The road was terrible. At some points the truck drivers really had the chance to show off some skills to the weird foreigner with the flashlight on his forehead.

But I wasn’t in too much of a mood to appreciate meticulous driving; I was finally just happy to be able to see the lights of Nanguan glowing somewhere in the distance:

Nanguan at night

When I finally got there I was sure I had got myself a cold.

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