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I’m not tough. I’m a sissy.

…but I’ll tell you more about that later.

First things first: I left Pingyao today, walking southwest on highway G108.

Of course, behind the tourist sites, the city had yet another face:

Shanxi factory

Sometimes I wonder what all of this must have looked like before progress demanded its toll.

Anyways, I guess we’ll never know. So it’s better to just appreciate what is there now:

Shuanglin Temple

This is Shuanglin Temple ๅŒๆž—ๅฏบ, a Buddhist site of worship originally dating from the Northern Qi-dynasty (ๅŒ—้ฝ – 550-577) and reconstructed during Song (ๅฎ‹ – 960-1279).

I didn’t notice the sign that said “no photo”, and thus happily snapped away until someone told me to stop:

within Shuanglin Temple

May the gods forgive me.

I noticed these nice little statues:

statues in Shuanglin Temple

Only some of them had been blinded:

lost eyes

Looks creepy, doesn’t it, this poor brutalized maiden.

I asked a few local people and I asked some of the guards, but all I could make out was that this had been an act of vandalism “a long time ago”. Are we – again- looking at the legacy of the “Cultural Revolution”?

You actually don’t care too much for semi-educated history lessons, do you?

Shall I instead tell you how I came to realize that I am a sissy?

Well, here you go:

cold road

Does this photograph make you feel the cold that I’ve felt today?

I’m not kidding; minus ten degrees and a blasting wind (frontal, always frontal) really had me looking pretty miserable today I guess. Torso bent, eyes slit, nose running, no joke, I am a sissy, not a tough guy.

That’s why I called it a day after I got to the first place that kind of looked promising:


Now the first hotel I asked wanted 80rmb for a room with heating, AC and a restroom out on the hallway. I told them to stop kidding and come up with a reasonable price, like 30, maybe. They told me that I wouldn’t even get it for 60.

Looking around a little more found me an almost similar room for 15rmb.

You know how much I love a good bargain.

Now I’m freezing my sissy ass off.

  • Corinna

    Hallo frierender, tapferer Wanderer! … das klingt nämlich wirklich gar nicht witzig!! Hast Du wenigstens einen Reisetauchsieder, mit dem Du Dir heißen Tee kochen oder eine Wärmflasche füllen kannst? Winter ist doof. Aber der nächste Frühling und Sommer kommt bestimmt — und Du wirst es um so mehr geniessen können!!


  • Marvin

    Well it could be worse. You can freeze off other things beside your ass. Find a warm place and Have a happy new year.


  • Christoph

    Corinna: Hey, ein Monat noch oder so, dann wird es schon wieder langsam wärmer. Kochutensilien habe ich nicht, aber in den meisten Hotels gibt es heißes Wasser.
    Marvin: You too, happy new year! Always freezing, never freezing anything off!


  • David lee

    you are good bargainer, even much better then me, I will ask you to help me buy something if you go to Beijing next time, I just study at China agriculture university, you are not alone.


  • Christoph

    Haha, sometimes I get lucky, that's it! At most other times, I bargain like hell and still pay too much! Cheers dude


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