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This post is about a 14km walk from Kleinheiligkreuz to Fulda. I walk through a forest and slip on a downward slope.

I woke up feeling heavy from dinner the night before. It had been a semi-fancy dinner with pumpkin soup, veggie dumplings, and slices of breaded apple with walnut ice cream for dessert.


There were three official routes through the forest, and all of them shared the same path: the E3 European long distance path, the Route Of Saint Boniface, and the Camino. The problem was that they led up a slope that was unimaginably steep and slippery. I tried pulling the Caboose up, but I failed. I contemplated offloading her just to make it up the slope, but in the end I thought fuck the E3, fuck the saint, fuck the Camino, and FUCK THIS SLOPE, and then I decided to just take another path through the forest.

As it turned out, the other path that I had taken ended up converging with the original one after a while. It was just a detour around the slope.

Look here, I thought to myself, I am an adult who makes good decisions now!

thanks, Boosie

A few hours later I was on my knees in the mud, with a bit of blood coming out of my left knee. I had slipped on my way down yet another steep slope, and I had fallen forward into the mud.

Here’s the thing, though: during the time that I was falling, I was acutely aware of the Caboose behind me, with all her (unknown) weight. Would she roll down and into my back?What should I do now – crouch down? Or lean up against her and try to arrest her motion?

But she did nothing. The two metal rods that held her up in the front dug into the mud and got stuck, and she just stood there, behind me, looking at me as I was looking at my soiled pants and gloves.

Thanks, Boosie.


I arrived in Fulda after dark. There was a massive cathedral where Saint Boniface was allegedly buried. As it turned out the dude basically brought Christianity to Germany in the 8th century, and he became bishop of Mainz. I took some pictures of and with the cathedral. Then I looked up some of the nearby hotels, and for some reason a four-star establishment seemed to have the most competitive price for the night.

Very well, I thought and walked in wearing my muddy pants and my muddy gloves.


the walk from Kleinheiligkreuz to Fulda:

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