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This post is about a 5km walk from Mettenheim to Guntersblum. We wake up in a pavilion in the vineyards and walk to a winery.

I was just waking up, and the sky was still a shade of dark blue when I heard a bunch of kids riding past us on their bicycles.

“Look, someone is camping there!” exclaimed one of the kids.

“That’s illegal!” said one of the others.

“Camping is illegal? That can’t be!”

“Wild camping is!”

“Is not!”

“Is, too!”

Then they were gone.

good morning

It took us a while to get up and gather all of our stuff. Neymar the spider had disappeared over night, and every now and then a person walking their dog would pass by and wish us a good morning. We tried a grape from the nearby vineyard, which was intensely sweet but had large seeds, then we started walking.

through the vineyards

We didn’t get very far today. Not that we wanted to, anyway. There was a village called Guntersblum ahead, a place that was famous for its wineries. We wanted to get a room in one of the wineries and relax there for a few days. Take a shower, do our laundry, watch some Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, drink some wine.

And so we walked through the vineyards. We stopped at a bakery and got some bread and a coffee, and then, when it was just around noon, we arrived at a winery that rented out little apartments.

how everything was good

We got a place for a few nights, a place that was squeaky-clean and equipped with a TV, a kitchenette, and with custom wine glasses. There was a fridge outside with a bunch of bottles in it and a notepad where you could write down how much wine you had taken.

After settling in we tried a few of the wines and then settled on a bottle of red. It was called Xenia, it tasted fruity and a bit spicy, and it made us forget about Worms and the hotel room that had been so much worse than camping.


the walk from Mettenheim to Guntersblum:

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