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This post is about a 17km walk from Munich to Dachau. There is a lot of rain, and there is an underlying feeling of exhaustion.

Time to go. I went and got the Caboose from her spot in the other yard, then I loaded her up. It took me a very long time for some reason. I felt tired and beat.


It was noon when I finally said goodbye to my friend Lilu and stepped out onto the road. Of course it immediately started raining. Of course, I thought, of fucking course. I put on my poncho and continued walking in a north western direction.

When I passed the Olympic Park I felt sadness well up in me. I had never been good at letting go of some of my memories.

more rain

It was only when I got to the edge of the city that I felt as if I could finally breathe again. Munich had taken a lot of my energy, but I wasn’t K.O. just yet.

The sky didn’t look very good, though, so I decided to take a rest under a highway overpass. I did my exercises, then I sat in my chair and ate some bread with avocado. Drank some tea. Looked at the rain intensifying. And when it really came pouring down I felt happy that I was sheltered under the bridge.

One time a cyclist rode past, looking tired, annoyed, and totally drenched. Teehee, I went to myself, tee fuckin hee.


the walk from Munich to Dachau:

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