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This post is about a 24km walk from Viehhausen to Taglaching. I walk through forests and alpine landscapes, and I have a pistachio croissant.

Everything was wet but my stuff wasn’t. The evening before I had asked at a random farm if I could pitch my tent on their property. “Sure”, they had said, and I had picked a spot somewhere under an overhanging roof.

A smart choice, as it turned out. Because of the rain.


I packed up my things and walked a bit until I was in a forest. It was very quiet, except for the ever-buzzing sound of the mosquitoes. Bzzzz, they went as they were feasting on my blood, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz. For some reason I didn’t mind very much.

After the forest I reached Pfaffing, a town that had a supermarket. I was hungry, and I really wanted something cold to drink. So I went into a shopping frenzy.

going chaupin

Sometimes the sensible thing to do is to not take a shopping basket. That way, the amount of things that you can buy is automatically limited by your ability to carry.

I bought a bunch of bananas, an avocado, a bread roll, a can of bread spread, a pack of chocolate chip cookies, a cold bottle of coke, and a pistachio croissant. Then I gathered my treasures and walked out of town.


After a while I arrived at a tree that stood in the middle of some fields. It cast a big shadow. A few tractors were cutting down the harvest in the distance. They seemed to be pulling little plumes of dust behind them. Six or seven birds of prey were circling in the sky. Again I felt reminded of alpine landscapes.

This is the place, I thought to myself as I sat down and poured a cup of tea.

Lunch was glorious.


the walk from Viehhausen to Taglaching:

  • Arne

    Im ernst jetzt? Du bist fast vor meiner Haustรผre vorbeigelaufen? Hรคttest einen coolen Platz fรผrs Zelt haben kรถnnen ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Jeannie Louie

    Amazing photos!
    Iโ€™ve been following your journey for the past 5 years and caught up with your earlier travels from Beijing.

    Youโ€™re a legend!



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