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This post is about a 17km walk from Vienna to Korneuburg. It takes me a while to leave my dad’s apartment. Then I’m back near the Danube.

When I woke up at around seven in the morning, my dad had already left for work. I brushed my teeth, did my exercises, and made some tea. Then I went to the balcony and had a bowl of granola.

the fridge

The weather looked good. There were some heavy clouds, but at least it wasn’t raining. I started packing.

It took forever to gather all my things. I left Brad’s hat, her sleeping bag, and her ground pad in my dad’s storage room. There was an avocado in the fridge, and I took it along with a bunch of bananas, two apples, and some tomatoes. I also took a pack of tofu and a box of hummus that I had bought. And I caught myself thinking that Brad would have liked all of this.

the outskirts

A few hours later, I was on the road again, pulling the Caboose. It took a few minutes to walk up to a restaurant where I had had dinner with my dad. It took a few more minutes to another one.

And then, once I had passed that second restaurant, I was in new, unknown territory again.

Vienna was a town of social housing. There were large blocks of buildings with inscriptions explaining when they had been built and by whom. They were everywhere, especially in this part of town. I walked past them.

the Balkans

At some point the way led right through the courtyards of some residential building blocks. There was construction going on everywhere, and some of the buildings were still unfinished. I noticed a graffito saying something about Serbia and the Kosovo. I heard some construction guys speaking in a Slavic language. One timeI saw the face of a young guy peeking out of a glassless window frame. It reminded me of the Balkans.

And then I was on the bike path next to the Danube again.


the walk from Vienna to Korneuburg:

  • Vasco Carto

    My Good Friend Chris,

    One leaves your blog for a few weeks/months and suddenly you’re in Austria! I hope all is well with you. as it’s been 15 days since this post.

    Signed: Former Cork Hat Entrepreneur

    P.S. – I hope the backpack is still good <3


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