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This post is about a 17km walk from Visegrad to Szamarhegy. The day is windy AF, and at some point it even starts snowing for a few minutes.

Rosali’s guesthouse had turned out to be awesome: we had a large room with a bed and a sleeping couch, and there was a communal kitchen we could use. And outside, past the gate, there were a bunch of cats.

When we finally got going I still hadn’t managed to pet a single one of the cats, but I liked them even more for it.


The EuroVelo 6 was nowhere to be seen. This meant that we were, for the better part of the day, stuck on the shoulder of the road, staring down traffic as it came rolling our way.

The situation was made worse by the wind. It was miserable. We took a short lunch break in a ferry terminal. There were no passengers and no ferries at this time of the year. We ate bread with ajvar and tomatoes, and we drank Persian tea with nabat. I had planned to do a round of exercises for my back, but it was too cold and windy, so I dropped the idea.


When we continued walking we were perplexed by what we thought were white flower petals raining down on us from above. But they turned out to be snowflakes. We stopped and took a selfie with the snow. Then it passed and gave way to the spring day again.

It was cold and bright.


We decided to avoid camping if at all possible. The night temperature was expected to drop below zero, and I had wisely shipped home my winter gear.

One problem was that a lot of the cheaper guesthouses were closed during the off-season. The only place that was open was a four-star wellness resort. When we arrived I was a bit worried.

But the resort turned out to be swarming with old people, and the rates were relatively competitive. We booked a room and sat on the floor eating our dinner: beans from a can with bread.

Then Brad went to the wellness area while I finally did my back exercises.


the walk from Visegrad to Szamarhegy:

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