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This post is about a 13km walk from Szentendre to Tahitotfalu. We have lunch next to the river, and we meet Maria and George.

We filled our thermoses with hot tea and said goodbye to our host Gabor, then we pulled the Caboose out of her spot in his garage and got going. Szentendre turned out to be a stunning little town. Situated in a bend of the Danube, it had an almost maritime kind of feel. It was apparently still off-season, so everything was closed, but in a few weeks lots of folks from Budapest would be coming here to unwind.

“I will do that too, one day!” Brad said, and it sounded like a good plan.

Brad’s tears

The bike path led us close to the river. Sometimes we would see a cyclist or a person walking their dog, and sometimes there would be a boat in the water. It wasn’t a cold day, but the wind was biting, so we chose a place sheltered by some trees for our lunch break.

We had just sat down and started tearing into some bread with spread when an elderly couple appeared. They slowly walked all the way down to the river, hand in hand, and then they stood there for a while.

On their way back up they stopped and said hello. Their names were Maria and George, they said, and they had just celebrated their 65th anniversary this Thursday.

When I looked at Brad she had tears in her eyes.


the walk from Szentendre to Tahitotfalu:

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