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This post is about an easter egg in Pirot. I take a day off and manage to find some food in a roadside restaurant.

I wake up way too early, and for some reason I can’t get back to sleep. So I decide to go downstairs to have breakfast, and then I walk over to a gas station to buy some snacks.

how I feel

It’s time for my biweekly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy appointment. I tell my therapist that everything is good again, now that I’m walking. That my knee seems to be holding up and that I’m excited to be in a new country. That the blogging and the posting and the recording of my Chinese videos is all a bit much, but that I enjoy doing it.

I promise to take it easy and be nice to myself, and then, after the therapy session is finished, I go downstairs to the reception and pay for another day.

I sort my photos, I do my exercises, I eat a bunch of silly little bread rolls filled with chocolate that I’ve bought in the gas station. And I take a nap in the afternoon sun.


In the evening I go outside to hunt for some food. It takes a little while, but in the end I manage to find a tiny fast food place called Romansa.

The two ladies behind the counter, upon hearing that I’m vegetarian and I don’t want any meat, make me a sandwich and some french fries. Then they give me a little bowl filled with Easter eggs. And I remember that Boyan from the bar was trying to get me an Easter egg last night when we were drinking.

As I’m having my french fries, my sandwich, and my Easter egg, I feel as if I’m also taking part in the Orthodox Easter. At least a tiny little bit.



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