who won World War II?

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See my GPS track on the map above?

It branches out into different areas before deciding on a northwestern direction.

The branches happened because of the police. My original plan was to walk west and then north, but I didn’t get very far before the police stopped me. I had taken a photograph in an industrial zone. They didn’t like that. During the next hour or two, I talked to at least ten policemen and showed them everything inside of the Caboose before they told me to walk back downtown. Back to their police station.

So I did that, and I ended up waiting around in the station for a while before I got a chance to explain myself to a high-ranking police officer who asked me a very peculiar question: “Who do you think beat Nazi Germany in World War II?”

Well, I said, the United States and the United Kingdom had a large part in this, but I think the main effort was being made by the USSR. This was my understanding of that part of history.

He seemed satisfied. Then he told me to delete all of my photos from that day and let me get back on my way.

This is the first picture I took when I had left the police station:

I then walked past a deserted aqua-park:

It was at least 30 degrees celsius outside. Why didn’t anyone put some water into the pool?

I ran into a gentleman who was also pushing a little handcart down the road. But his handcart had a little detail that I liked:

A plastic flower that spun in the wind!

I figured it would be good if I could get one, too. But since the gentleman didn’t seem to speak any Russian at all, I had no way of asking him where he had got it from.

The road out of Navoiy was very new and very empty:

I saw a car that I really liked and stopped to take some pictures:

Moments later I was taking group photos with the gentlemen who owned the car:

They were a happy bunch:

Slightly drunk and very happy.

I saw many people who weren’t driving around in vintage cars, though:

Here are my thoughts about today’s walk:


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One time I was invited to a bowl of Uzbek ayran by two ladies who were selling it on the sidewalk:

It was excellent, much better than the stuff I usually had with my dรถner back in Germany.

The ladies were very proud of their flower garden:

And when I left they gave me some flowers to attach to the Caboose:

Walking was hard after that. I think the police story had taken a lot of energy out of me. I sat down a lot of times to have some tea next to the road:

When I reached Navoyi airport, there was indeed a hotel, and a very large and nice one:

Only it cost 70 dollars for one night. The staff told me that there was another hotel further down the road, so I decided to go there.

I walked well into the night:

But I eventually made it to the other hotel, which was, well somewhat cheaper.

  • ๅ‘จ่‹ๆ™“

    Once people’s brain has been washed, there is no any slight chance to see see the fact, hasn’t it? Who won the war? What a question is that? People died and been slaughtered and massacred, when the war ended, there was the Cold War, people died and been slaughtered and massacred, and the “winners” played heroes to divide Germany, and the Soviet made his piece of cake be under dictatorship for half century! Who won? They don’t see they are the victims in nowadays still by been brain washed? People died and been blind! No one won! Only people suffered!


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