Big Almaty Lake

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Went to another lake today:

Big Almaty Lake

This one is called Big Almaty Lake. I guess it’s big, and it’s near Almaty. So it’s Big Almaty Lake.


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I hadn’t come alone though. My friend and fellow photography enthusiast Nazira was showing me around:

with Nazira

And while we were there, we made friends with some young people from Taraz, one of which was Beka:

with Beka

Awesome dude.

…though in hindsight I think I really shouldn’t be jumping around like this with my back condition. I’m pretty stupid sometimes.

But anyway, the lake was so gorgeous that we stayed well into the afternoon…

afternoon light over Big Almaty Lake

…until the light was almost gone…

evening light over Big Almaty Lake

…and the cold came creeping down the mountains.

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