what teahouse?

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You know how guide books often tend to say retarded things like dive into, intoxicate yourself, hang with the locals, etc. etc.? Well, that’s just one side of it.

My friend and I wandered around Yining today, looking for fun things to do.

So we dived into a cab, yelled “temple!”, and ended up in this site in the south of the city:

Heaven King Hall

It was a Buddhist temple…

temple hall

…erected a while ago by the local community:


We sat around and had some watermelon with the people there. I guess we were hanging with the locals if you want to call it that. The melon was good anyway.

Then we remembered that my friend’s guide book had spoken of a row of picturesque teahouses next to the bridge that was spanning the river. So we headed further south.

Until we got to the bridge:


Intoxicating! Well, pretty much everything was under construction. And there were no teahouses.

We asked around for a while, but all we got was this answer:

“What teahouse?”

So much for our guide book.

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