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I was going to stay in my yurt all day:

in my yurt

But there was the presence of that massive body of water nearby.

The lake.

So I stepped outside and left the yurt camp:

tourist office

I came to a gate in front of the lake, three dudes were there. They were selling tickets:


40RMB. I shrugged, paid and entered.

First I saw horses:


Then some sort of a truck:


And then I reached the lake, and the water was beautiful:

lake view

But the shore wasn’t:


There was trash everywhere:


And I mean everywhere:

more trash

Assholes, I thought. Three guys are sitting on their asses charging people money for a lake, and then they can’t find anybody to fucking clean up the trash? Seriously??

“What trash?” asked a dude who was sitting in a tent:

blue tent

And I thought: Of course. What trash.

I stomped around at the shore, cursing the tourists who didn’t want anything else but to ride horses, take photos of themselves and throw their fucking trash around:


I ran into another direction. Away from them.

There was a Kazakh herder driving his sheep down from the mountains. I heard a tune, and when I looked closer, I noticed that he was listening to a song on his cell phone:


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He smiled.

I got to a different part of the lake:


There were waves crushing in, and the shore wasn’t as dirty as before.

I made a video of the waves:


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And I looked at the mountains in the distance:

clouds over the lake

I stayed several hours, reading a novel and shooting pictures for another time lapse video:


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Then the sun went down:


Then it got dark:

evening clouds

And then I went back to my yurt. I waved hello to Whitey and told him to be quiet tonight.

He looked like he understood, and everything was good.

  • Antony

    I see this kind of thing a lot Christoph,
    it’s a shame the developing world with its many beautiful places has become like one big garbage can, not many places left untouched by the sinister hands of pollution these days!

    Other than that, cracking timelapse of ‘Sayram Waves’ much prefer that to the standard waves lapping upon the shore business. Well done.


  • Christoph

    Antony: Yeh, I just hope the same people who raised the cover charge will take care of the trash eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Neil Sandage

    Great lyrics! What a funny music choice.

    What a great range of photos. Beauty and the effect ignorant people have on nature. Good you pointed it out. Cups need to be paper based and bottles banned.

    Great photo of Yurts near a tower. I didn’t notice the tower the day before so it took a while to figure out those were yurts next to it.


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