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I didn’t leave. I walked around the village until I found some old structures:


…and the desert park behind them:

desert park entrance

It wasn’t a very big desert. In fact, it was tiny as hell:


I took my shoes off and wandered around in the dunes:

Looked at weird plants…


…left my footprint here…


…and there:

evening light

Made a video in which I talk into the camera:

And another, much nicer one of the darkness falling upon the desert dunes:

I stayed until the dunes started to turn black:


Then I walked around the village looking for food:

nightly street in Shashanzi

In some parts it was very calm and peaceful:


In other parts people were apparently arguing on the street:


When I was done with my dinner, most of the lights had died:


…and the stars were shining upon me:

night sky

I was thinking of those quiet Gobi skies under which I had slept four years ago.

milky way

And I suddenly realized how much I would miss all of this later on.

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