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Since we had nothing better to do, Zhu Hui and Lei Sheng took me to the mountains today.

It was very nice and relaxing:


I fell asleep a bunch of times on the warm and fragrant grass, and the rest of the time we amused ourselves taking pictures:

Zhu Hui

And I felt…

Lei Sheng

…like there wasn’t a single worry in the air:

Lei Sheng and Zhu Hui

It was just laughter…


…and the hazy notion that good times always pass to quickly.

We stopped to capture a few time lapses:


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And I fell asleep every time. So nice!

Only when we finally made our way back down to the valley I realized…

mountain road

…that I had like ten messages on the phone. They were all missed calls from Mr. Wang from the police in Usu. The department had apparently lost track of me and got very excited.

I decided to call him back.

“Where are you??” he asked, and I had to laugh a little.

“Mr. Wang, don’t worry, I am in the mountains with my friends!”

“What? I can’t hear you!”

“I am in the MOUNTAINS, it is very BEAUTIFUL up here!”

“Ah…where will you go next?”

“Well, home I guess.”

And that was that.

  • Anto-San

    Wow! now that’s what I like to see, stunning scenery!

    Great to hear everything is well (almost) regarding your run in with the police Chris. And it does sound like if you really wanted to it’s not that hard to give them the slip. Hehe

    Love the mid-air kung foo shot and timelapse by the way, very nice….


  • fneug

    Hi Christoph,

    can you give a short comment on why your posts are published retarded in your blog? We have 7th of November today, your post is from 23th of September.

    Best regards,



  • Reni Hollerbach

    Dostojewski: es empfiehlt sich der Film “Die Frau mit den fünf Elefanten” über die gerade eben verstorbene Übersetzerin Svetlana Geier (die sich hoffentlich so schreibt).
    Nochmals allerbesten Dank für den Hüttner-Tip: eine außergewöhnliche Lese-Freude!
    Die langweilige Italienische Reise: natürlich kann sie nichts anderes sein; Goethe mußte bildungsbürgerlich seine alkoholischen Exzesse sowie die sexuellen Befreiungsversuche mit Rücksicht auf seine gesellschaftliche Präsenz verschleiern, übrig blieb bemüht vermitteltes Kulturhistorisches.
    Kultur- und lokalhistorisch aufschlußreicher mögen sein: Johann Gottfried Seumes “Spaziergang nach Syrakus” und z.T. Karl Friedrich Schinkels “Reise nach Italien”.
    Wenn es nicht nur um’s Reisen geht, sondern um Erkenntnis über Chinesische Kulturentwicklung kann ich Barbara Beuys “Der Preis der Leidenschaft” wärmstens empfehlen.


  • Christoph

    Anto-San: Thanks dude, time-lapse is hard, I totally messed one up because of the wind!
    fneug: Hey, sorry I am being retarded – I am updating slowly these days, because I have so much stuff to do! 😉
    Reni Hollerbach: Super, den Film werde ich mal suchen, und das Buch von Schinkel! Seume lese ich gerade zum zweiten Mal, und es ist wirklich ein Genuss! 🙂


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