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When I woke up I realized that I was alone again – Zhu Hui had taken the last train home to Shihezi the night before, because he had class today.

I didn’t envy him for having to do martial arts exercises after yesterday’s rampage.

Anyhow, I had a tiny bit of suffering ahead of me as well, if I wanted to leave my tiny room in the gas station…

gas station

…walk to the intersection…

into Kuytun

…then past the highway…


…and towards the city, looking for a decent hotel to spend a few days:


I ended up taking the first room that had internet access, and I didn’t even haggle at the reception. I was too tired.

The rest of the day was very calm: I cut my blisters and applied some disinfectant, then I ordered food up to my room. I postponed all my social obligations – Zhu Hui and Uncle Shen had introduced me to some good friends of theirs in this city, but I was too tired to go out and see them.

That night, I was looking at the pumping units of the oil town of Dushanzi ็‹ฌๅฑฑๅญ:

oil refinery

They seemed just like a miniature version of a big city skyline. Mesmerizing.

I was going to apply for my visa extension at the city police of Kuytun tomorrow. Maybe I could go out to see my new friends after that?

Little did I know how much I would need them very soon.

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