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I am on a 30-day tourist visa now, but I might need a few extra days on top of that later. So I figured I’d try to get an extension for my visa today:

visa bureau

They told me to come back another day…

So I went and had some roasted baozi:

roasted baozi

And some noodles:


And some nang:


Me and the little Uyghur waitress at the place got along very well:

little waitress

So we decided to produce another classic TLW-video together:


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She was the director of our feature, while I was only responsible for the cinematography.

Later that night, Uncle Shen invited me and some photographer friends to a great meal of hot pot and vodka.

This is Master Yu 于老师:

Master Yu was also part of the party

And this is Master Tian 田老师:

Master Tian dined and drank with me

I guess you can tell from the pictures that the drinks were totally awesome.

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