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Last night I had prayed and asked Him to please take His mighty winds out of this valley. Otherwise, there would be no way for me to get through here.

And I had to get through.

Today it seemed like my prayers had been answered:

morning road

Okay, every once in a while He would play a little practical joke and send me a couple of blows…

scarce traffic

…but all in all it was okay, even in the worst of all places, where the street signs were warning drivers to hold on tight to their steering wheels:


I just kept on walking like a robot, mechanically in a mindless step-by-step manner. Sometimes when the winds got too heavy, I would crouch next to the caboose and make sure it didn’t fall over.

All kinds of thoughts were in my head. Better not talk about it.

When the highway suddenly changed into a 4-lane interstate, I couldn’t help but notice that tractors and bicycles were not allowed here:

no tractors no bikes

…but I figured since I didn’t have a tractor or a bicycle…


…I was okay. Nobody cared about me.

Maybe they were all too busy holding on tight to their steering wheels?

Someone smart had put a whole bunch of wind farms out here in the middle of the wind gap:

wind farm

I figured that was an excellent idea, but I kept wondering why they didn’t break under the enormous wind power out here.

When I arrived at the service area of Xiaocaohu, I got a small room in the back of a convenience store:


“So how were the winds yesterday?” I asked the owner, “must have been pretty bad eh?”

“Pretty bad??” the old lady pointed at the floor, “you see all the dust in here? They measured 12 wind degrees last night. Busted in the windows!”

“Wow, that must have been out of the ordinary even by your standards, right?”

She gave me an odd look and proudly lifted her finger: “Last year we got 13 wind degrees once – and it flipped over a passenger train!”

WTF?? I almost choked on my cracker.

  • Hermann

    vielleicht Segel setzen???


  • Momo

    Sieh es doch mal so, du hast dich in deiner momentanen Gefühlslage mit den Elementen und fast mit den Ordnungshütern angelegt und jedesmal gewonnen. Was bitte kann dich jetzt schon noch gross aufhalten?


  • Barry aka Ba Lli

    Ich sehe das wie Momo. Und was ist schon so ein Zug gegen dein UN-Bollerwagen.
    Aber ein bißchen Aufklärung wollte ich auch noch leisten: die Dinger mit den Rotoren die machen doch den Wind und wenn es da so viele von gibt, dann machen die eben dolle Wind. Spreche da übrigens aus Erfahrung, wir haben nämlich vor unserem Dorf fast 20 Stück stehen. Und immer wenn die sich nicht drehen ist auch kein Wind. Was allerdings Sinn und Zweck dieser Windmaschinen ist habe ich noch nicht raus bekommen.


  • carrie

    It's a true news.That accident happened in Feb 28,2007.
    In china,13 wind degrees๏ผš37.0~41.4m/s,134~149Km/h.
    Good luck for you.


  • Nickel

    134~149Km/h wind flipped over a passenger train! In Hong Kong 100km/h is a typhoon already


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