desert Caboose 1.1 (new & improved)

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Mr. Luo 罗先生 had agreed to give the Caboose a general makeover today:

Mr. Luo gave the Caboose a general makeover

But first we had to go to a bike shop…

bike shop

…and get a new set of wheels:


I asked for old steel frames with thick ball bearings, and I think we managed to find something durable this time.

Then Mr. Luo got to work…


…and a thorough job he did.

People had been telling me that he was professional at what he was doing, and when I looked at the new & improved Caboose 1.1 today, I thought the results seemed very satisfying indeed.

Thank you, Mr. Luo! May your weld seams travel with me all the way to Germany!

Why is there no picture of the new Caboose? Well, her looks haven’t really changed that much, so I thought I’d rather show you this instead:


Yes, it’s the REAL desert!

This is the second time that I’ve walked past big old sand dunes and everything (pull back the curtains), and it still shocks me when I see it.

I mean, here is the oasis of Shanshan on one side…

Shanshan and the desert

…and here, just a tiny bit to its south, are the mighty dunes that are towering over the land…


…making life impossible:

sand left and right

Oh, don’t let them fool you – the desert dunes can seem so soft and nice…


…they want to trick us into thinking that we can tame them and live in them:

sand dune

But eventually we must realize that we will be all alone in this nothingness…


…and that there are only these little flags that can lead us back into safety:

yellow flag

Well, it wasn’t all that bad:


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…and at sunset, the scenery became even more beautiful:


Later that night, when I was just getting ready to go up to my room and wash the sand off from my body, I ran into this group of rally drivers from all over China:

These rallye dudes were very friendly and invited me to dinner

Cool dudes, very outgoing and friendly.

We almost had dinner together, but then I realized that I had too much work to do.

So it was a lonely supper in front of the notebook again.

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