oh, what a good thing!

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Hongshankou – a crappy little place full of bad food, dirty beds and cheap hookers:

Hongshankou truck stop

So happy to leave that place!

There was another stretch of nice fresh highway I found right after I started walking though, and that really cheered me up:

black road

Here’s part of my diet during these days:


Nang bread and cucumber. Not exactly five-star, but in combination with my canned corn and soy beans in tomato sauce, it works quite fine to keep my body up and running.

As always, the sceneries out here tend to be a bit on the minimalist side, but they can be very pretty if you take the time to look at them carefully:

weird clouds

Sometimes there are even people out here too:

These construction workers helped me lift my caboose over an obstacle

Well, who am I kidding, it can still get very boring out here:


Very very very boring.

I was mentally preparing myself to pitch a tent somewhere in that boring nothingness, when suddenly:


A tire-repair shop from Shaanxi-province!

When I stuck my face in through the front door, I was looking at two families sitting around a table having food or something.

They didn’t seem very surprised to see me.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a spare room for me would you?” I asked, and I tried my best to look as polite and harmless as I could.

One of the men smiled: “Sure we do, come on over and have a look!”


Wow, what an excellent little room – just as basic and simple as it was clean and comfortable.

I was loving it so much I decided to haul my Caboose in there and switch a tire (yep, still the same problem as before, always the same old same mess since Hami).

Then I was going to upload a few new posts to the site, but alas! there didn’t seem to be a stable network connection possible out here, even though I could see the transmitter towers in the distance!

I was pretty desperate to get an Internet connection running, so I even tried working outside:

looking at the cell tower

…but only when I eventually placed the notebook on a truck in the yard, just facing the transmitters, was I finally able to get as much network coverage as I needed to upload my precious stuff to the site:

notebook and truck

Well, I decided to call today’s post “oh, what a good thing!” though, mainly because I was just so happy to be there, in that little house out in the middle of nowhere…

Liu's Tire Repair

…where the people were so friendly, and even invited me to have dinner with them.

And where the winds weren’t able to get to me.

  • Barry aka Ba Lli

    Ganz schön abgefahren. Bei Picasa sind die Bilder am 12. gepostet, das ist hier aber erst morgen und bei Dir ist es schon Vergangenheit. Btw, da wird meine Tochter 19.
    Sach ma, watt isn dat fürn komisches rotes Kabel an Deim Ekwippment?
    Und: da hast Du ja einen schönen Ausgleich zur vorherigen Unterkunft.


  • Patrick

    nice one!

    i really ask myself, what the people here would say, if a hairy, stinky dude walks into their house and asks for a place to stay haha….in broken german. well let me guess what the answer would be in……


  • Gisela

    Das gleiche wie Patrick hab ich auch schon oft gedacht und ich glaube, das ist nicht nur in Deutschland so. Vielleicht ist ihnen Gesellschaft wichtiger als die Angst um ihr Hab und Gut. In Europa wird man doch täglich mit Horrormeldungen vollgestopft und man traut sich nicht noch jemandem zu trauen… Schade eigentlich.


  • Florian (Flo Li Anh,

    Schöne Geschichte – und immer wieder erstaunlich, auf welche rudimentären Grundbedürfnisse man seine Erwartungen runterschrauben kann. Diese Zufriedenheit bekommt man doch nur auf die Tour oder?


  • Christoph

    Barry aka Ba Lli: Rotes Kabel?
    Patrick: Good question indeed.
    Gisela: Ja, schade.
    Florian (Flo Li Anh, ้–‹่Šฑ): Boah, keine Ahnung.


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