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Finally a decent night spent in the outdoors. Not too warm, not too cold. Not too windy.

I made this video time lapse of my morning routine:


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Note the two friendly dudes showing up for a chat.

There was some nice scenery on the way today:

factory chimney

The only downside: the man had put up a checkpoint somewhere along the road:

passport check

“What country are you from?” this guy asked me after fumbling with my passport for what seemed like ages.

Then he called for backup.

Oh well, whatever.

Once I walked past this enchanted old tree that looked like it was from Middle Earth or something:

weird tree

…and only a little while later I found a perfect resting place that I thought could only be described as biblical:

biblical lands

I also couldn’t help noticing that I wasn’t the only one inching about in a rather slow pace – there were these big fat caterpillars everywhere, and it seemed like they were all going north:


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Did you notice the sudden flipping moves towards the end of the clip? I guess it must be a way of evasion for them, but who knows? Maybe these are in fact highly poisonous predators, and I should congratulate myself for cheating death today… mighty caterpillar of doom, thank you for sparing my life today…

Well here’s what I haven’t told you:

bleeding man?

I was being sabotaged all the while!

Remember I had gotten a set of new tires three days ago? And then they failed on the first day out of Hami and I had to get them repaired?

Well this one was beyond repair I guess:

ball bearings

I also remember myself telling the guy from the bike shop: “please understand, I will be walking through the Gobi desert – these tires must under all circumstances be highly durable!”

Well, he obviously hadn’t agreed with me and rather decided to sell me some cheap crap.

You see, in the Chinese language, if you really want to insult someone, cursing his ancestors might be a good way to go.

“Fuck all 18 generations before him! ่‚ไป–็ฅ–ๅฎ—ๅๅ…ซไปฃ!” you could say.

Well, take a wild guess what was on my mind while I was doing the Sisyphus, hauling my broken Caboose through the land…

I was very happy when I finally had the Caboose up and running again – you know that a happy mind is probably a bit more receptive to the beautiful sceneries around…

fertile lands

…and to the inherent charms of the different faces everywhere – the expressions of animal…


…and man:

look back

There I was, happily strolling through the beautiful countryside:


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A very friendly lady gave me some grapes from her garden and told me the exact way to the next place with something like a guesthouse:

This friendly lady gave me grapes from her garden

It was quarter past seven and I had another 8km to go.

Well, you know what that means:

shop at night

Walking in the dark – thanks to the 18 generations before the saboteur.

  • Hermann

    freundliche, zuvorkommende Menschen, ein Segen. Hin und wieder trifft man sie hier auch.


  • Florian (Flo Li Anh,

    Ich habe so gelacht – definitiv einer der schönsten Tagesberichte! Allein schon die Videos sind äußerst hitverdächtig. Dafür, dass Du solche UN-Bollerwagenprobleme hattest, sind 38 km aber sehr ordentlich. Weiter so ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Momo

    Unsere Sekretärin stand grad bei mir am Schreibtisch, als ich mir die Videos angesehen habe. Sie: "Zieht der sich nicht um? Mein Gott, der muss doch stinken!"

    Was bitte war eigentlich das pinke Teil am Bollerwagen? Sah ein bisschen aus wie ne Plastikschüssel.


  • Kevin

    Have you only been stopped by the police this one time? What's the business name of the place that ripped you off? Let China's Internet flesh engines find him and warn others/


  • Patrick

    maybe, when this incident didn't happen, you would have been hit by a truck….who knows

    and thanks for saving your very life, you cursed this poor mans generations befor him…shame on you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    na screw that karma stuff! you should just go back and sucker punch him!

    i am alway impressed with these landscapes. i mean i thought the gobi desert section will look quite alike. but it can ce very beautiful.


  • Christoph

    Hermann: Natürlich.
    Florian (Flo Li Anh, ้–‹่Šฑ): Ich glaube im Endeffekt bin ich schneller als die Raupen.
    Momo: Stinken – definitiv ja. Schüssel – zum Fußbad abends, sonst noch mehr Stink.
    Kevin: First check point on the road. Don't worry about the bike shop. I cursed him, that's enough.
    Patrick: Yeah, every place seems to have its own inherent beauty.


  • John

    "Yeah, every place seems to have its own inherent beauty." yes, this seems to be true, and you are bringing much of that beauty to all of us back here, who can't be there to see it or experience it. That's why we continue following your every detail and footstep. Well done every step of the way, Christoph. You are feeding some hard-core junkies that will really feel the pain of withdrawal when you are finished, even if that finish is more than a year away.


  • Andreas

    Hey really funny video abour your morning routine, cheap crap sucks, haha


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