the impossibility of nothing

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Okay, I couldn’t exactly allow myself to do nothing, even though that’s what I would have liked to do the most. But after all, I had fallen behind something like 10 days on my blog! You see, I’ve been struggling with bad connections and the lack of proper power supplies out in the desert recently, so there have been long stretches of time when I couldn’t access my site at all.

Guess we all better get used to this.

So once I was in my hotel room in Hami, I took a long hot shower and gave all my stankin’ clothes to the laundry. Then I put on my winter underwear and kind of just stayed in all day…

tight tights

…drinking lots of coke, ordering basic room service…


…and watching episode after episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” while I was working on my pictures.

And the longest way was slowly starting to grow again.

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