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When I woke up, I was feeling a lot better. I hadn’t gotten that much sleep though, and so I was very much hoping for a better rest tonight. I had heard about an old mine of some sort that lay a day’s worth of walking ahead. I was going to ask for a place to sleep there. So I got on my way:

hot road

…I never found out what had gone wrong with my stomach the night before, but anyways since it seemed all good now, I decided to go back to my regular diet of beans and cookies and congee, and throw in the occasional apple every once in a while:

stop, apple time!

Well, here I am trying to sound like I have a choice what to eat, right? Fact is though, I only have the contents of my cherished caboose, so freedom of choice remains an illusion. It’s always beans and cookies and congee, I can only choose their order of appearance.

There aren’t even any good places to take a rest next to this road, so I usually just try to find some shade under the Caboose:


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As you can imagine, today’s way was pretty tough:

trucks on the way west

At some point towards the end, I came across another camel herd – only this time, they were resting next to a water hole…

camel herd

…and there didn’t even seem to be any people around:


I bothered them for some time trying to take pictures…


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…then they obviously thought I was being too annoying, so they left:

camels leaving

Me and the Caboose only had a couple of kilometers left to the place with the mine, and it was in fact quite a nice way to walk, since there was some vegetation in the area…


…and when the evening light finally struck on the land…


…it turned it completely golden:

fertile land


It was about seven in the evening when I arrived at Malianjing, the place with the mine:

ehemalige Goldmine von Malianjing

How spooky, I thought when I looked over what seemed to be just ruins, but then a door swung open somewhere and two guys appeared, one tall and slender, the other short and fat. Both of them seemed to be special people. The tall guy introduced himself as Mr. Niu ็‰›ๅ…ˆ็”Ÿ:

Mr. Niu took me in for the night in his old gold mine

The short fat dude took off before I could ask about his name.

Mr. Niu was very friendly and welcoming, gave me a candle and showed me to a little room where he told me I could stay overnight:

room in Malianjing

“We have visitors all the time! You know what, this used to be a gold mine!” he told me, and he seemed very excited to tell me, “and now that the mine is out of service, the two of us live here to safeguard the place! It’s an important job!”


“Actually, there isn’t anything valuable left here on the premises, but you know how it is: if there is nobody to watch over a place, then it usually gets trashed all too quickly!”

basketball court

“We are here all year, even in winter, when it’s miserably cold outside! There is no electricity, but we do have running water, and we get supplies delivered to us all the time. Or we can go to pick them up ourselves, too!”


“Yes, it can be quite boring out here, that’s the thing.”

“Me and the other guy are not friends. We are just colleagues.”

“Actually, we don’t get along too well.”

  • Florian (Flo Li Anh,

    Tsts, sehe ich das richtig, dass Du Dich da mitten auf die Straße legst?
    Jedem das seine…
    Ansonsten nettes Video im Schnelldurchlauf, sehr amüsant. Aber die Kamel scheinen sich ja nicht wirklich aus der Ruhe bringen zu lassen!


  • Hermann

    if it was diamonds I'd know a song, but gold ….


  • Rubi

    voll so das geile licht am ende bei der vegetation. voll so die abgeranzte goldmine. voll so die kleine liege zum pennen. voll so besser als draußen im zelt! und voll so der geile soundtrack!


  • Christoph

    Florian (Flo Li Anh, ้–‹่Šฑ): …ich weiß nicht ob das so klar wird, aber die Gegend hier ist nicht wie der Harz. Keine Ruhebänke. Keine Hütten. Keine Findlinge zum draufsetzen. Noch nicht mal n Baum. Die Straße ist vom Boden erhöht damit sie nicht so schnell erodiert, und abseits vom Asphalt besteht der Untergrund aus vielen spitzen Steinchen. Das alles schränkt die Suche nach einem Ruheplatz schon erheblich ein.
    Hermann: Warum nach einem Lied suchen wenn man schon eins hat?
    Rubi: Jo, du hast es vollkommen erfasst Kleiner!


  • AๅฐŽ

    have you ever consider getting a instrument? i dunno, but desert to me always has this special bond with music.


  • Momo

    Haben die Zwei dich eigentlich in die Mine gelassen oder is da Einsturzgefahr und deswegen Zutritt verboten?


  • oneday

    don,t drink milk lately

    be save at everything….including sex….
    ha ha ..just kidding


  • Florian (Flo Li Anh,

    Naja, das ist schon klar – sah aber so aus, als wärest Du kurz davor, von einem LKW überrollt zu werden…


  • Marlene

    Oh Mann, wie schön das Licht ist, sieht man sogar auf den Fotos… Gar nicht so einfach, Hut ab ๐Ÿ™‚ Das wird Dir in Erinnerung bleiben! Und keine Angst vor dem Unbekannten – was ist schon gewiß, das vor einem liegt.

    Schicke Dir gute Wünsche desweiteren…


  • Barry aka Ba Lli

    Warum schränken viele spitze Steinchen die Suche nach einem Rastplatz ein? *breitgrins*
    Und was heißt hier unter dem UN-Bollerwagen, das war doch eindeutig daneben.
    Der Job von den Jungs scheint ja so spannend zu sein, wie der in einer russischen Wetterstation am sibirischen Polarkreis.


  • Christoph

    AๅฐŽ: Never even thought of that, hahaha…
    Momo: Verboten.
    oneday: …
    Marlene: Danke und willkommen auf dem Weg!
    Barry aka Ba Lli: Denke mal die Wetterstation gewinnt.


  • stan

    ็œ‹ๅˆฐๆœ€ๅŽๅ‡ ๅฅ่ฏ๏ผŒๆ„Ÿ่ง‰ไป–ไปฌ็š„ๅทฅไฝœ็œŸๆ˜ฏๅฅฝ่พ›่‹ฆ..


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