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Sometimes the highway seems just like a cake knife slicing the desert into two giant pieces.

…and here I am, riding the knife, somewhere between those slices:

mountains in the distance

Well not really riding, more like walking.

Creeping, ever so slowly.

I had a good lunch of bread & beans:


– plus there was this watermelon that the good people of Xihu had offered me as a present, very tasty!

So far, the good side of life.

The pain in my feet was getting stronger and stronger though, until at some point it got intolerable, and I decided to take my boots off and wear something else for a while:

flip flops

Ah, I know this is not going to be a solution for the next couple of hundred kilometers, but boy, what a relief!

But then there suddenly was this hissing sound (oh no, that can’t be good!) and I realized that I had what we in the biz like to call “a flat tire”:

flat tire

This was at 17:58.

I cursed the day, waved my arms to the sky and made much of an angry growl, then I started repairing the thing.

Luckily, I had the spare tire, so I got it fixed eventually:

flat Caboose

This picture was taken at 18:42.

…sometimes I wonder how someone like me is supposed to walk home.

I mean, so many people are so awesome, and I need fifty minutes to change a spare tire? On the Caboose??


The rest of the way was easy though:


I found a good place to camp out right before the sun went to sleep:

sunset in the Gobi

I slowly pitched my tent on the rocky ground, and when I was done I paused to listen, and I couldn’t hear a single mosquito around:

Caboose with stars

In fact, I couldn’t hear anything at all.

It was completely quiet – not a sound except for the soft evening breeze playing with the fabrics of my tent:

camp at night

I tiptoed around the campsite, sat down and tried to listen into the night. There suddenly was a funny beeping sound in my ear, and I thought it was there because I just wasn’t used to the grand silence. I held my breath and listened harder, and after a while the beeping sound slowly went away.

Then there was the wind again, whispering its silent song into the night. I thought it was very beautiful.

I gently opened a can of beans.

  • IG

    Comment ça va Ben Dan?
    Depuis ton problème d'hébergement de site internet, je ne vois plus les photos sur ton blog de mon bureau, et j'ai essayé picasa web je n'ai pas pu y accéder non plus.
    Trop dégoutée!!!

    J'espère que tu vas bien et fais attention à tes pieds ๐Ÿ™‚



  • pukalani

    Well, Funky Cold medina wasn't exactly what I expected as your record of the day, but thinking about it, the beat is very good to walk with!

    Awesome pictures… love them!
    It bummes me out a little that most likely I won't ever be able to do a tour like you – as a girl traveling single. Would shit my pants being all by myself out there in that humongous desert. So I do it virtually… ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Gisela

    Da hat man sich gerade in die Stille der Nacht reingeträumt, lauscht dem flüstern des Windes, beruhigt vom tiefen Blau des letzten Fotos – und dann die Ernüchterung, das Geräusch der Bohnendose….
    Da hilft auch "gently" nix mehr. Aus der Traum!


  • deb

    Where's the rss feed, I don't want to miss one update!


  • Hermann

    der eine kann dies, der andere das…


  • Barry aka Ba Lli

    Und nach der can of beans gab es dann roaring thunder in der desert.
    Sound by Achris/Dchris


  • Christoph

    IG: Même le site tu peux pas accéder? Mais c'est quoi ce bordel? ๐Ÿ™
    pukalani: Maybe you can get a friend or two to come along with you?
    Gisela: Haha, so schlimm?
    Deb: Look in the "links" section!


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