straw hats and watermelons

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We eventually took the train back to Yumen, the place where I had left off several days ago (a natural fool).

A car took us to the hotel:

three-wheel taxi

But we weren’t allowed to rest for too long, because we needed things.

We needed hats to fight off the sun:

Robo with hat

And hats to fight off the bees:

Chris with hat

We also needed a method of transportation for Robozwerg, and there was apparently only one place in town to get it:

tractor market

The tractor market had petty three-wheel bikes that were old and weak:

the Cucumber

What’s worse: they sold them at high prices and they wouldn’t even haggle.

Punks, we thought, and spent the rest of the day looking around town for an opportunity to get our hands on a decent affordable bike.

But of course there was nothing.

No long faces though!

The supermarket gave us two tasty water melons as a gift to our purchase (we had gotten some groceries and a badminton set):


Two watermelons … for free!!

Life is beautiful.

Robozwerg says:

“Check out the feet!”

  • Gordon

    hello i am a complete stranger who came across your site while surfing the web months ago, and have been keeping track of it since then. really enjoyed ur blog and felt like leaving u a msg to show support for what you are doing. Keep it up!


  • Becci

    joa die füße sehen echt geil aus… lol
    ach und von wegen ihr seht nich aus wie geschwister – die hutfotos zeigen : ihr habt das gleiche dümmliche grinsen!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    mit liebe von eurem schwesterherz


  • Gisela

    Mit den Hüten sieht es schon sehr nach Urlaub aus. Wenn jetzt die Haare und der Bart noch wachsen Erholt euch gut.


  • Florian (Flo Li Anh)

    Watn dat für ne Eierei mit Fahrrad und Konsorten? Ich dachte die Devise lautet MARSCHIEREN !? Nee nee nee…


  • andy

    …put the robozwerg in your caboose & walk on!;o)


  • Christoph

    Gordon: Thanks for your kindness & welcome to the way!
    Becci: Rubi sieht auf jeden Fall dümmer aus!
    Gisela: Mein Bart soll wachsen??
    Florian (Flo Li Anh): Hab ich Fahrrad gesagt? Ich meinte Mietwagen!
    andy: Genau.


  • Barb

    More watermelons!!! I suppose Paul will be joining you and your brother soon.


  • Christoph

    Barb: I miss Paul. Where is he??


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