walkin sux, srsly, les jus tek da train

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I stored my Caboose in a shop within the hotel:

shop with Caboose

Then I went and got a train ticket back to Jiayuguan (Jiayuguan):

train ticket

I said good-bye to my dear Teacher Xie (Teacher Xie) and waited for the train:

railroad tracks

I got on the train:


The train was was full of different faces going to different places:

cup noodles

We rushed past the sceneries that I had passed by earlier on foot:

train window

I knew I looked even more like shit than usual, now that I had my sunburn and my swollen cheek:

battered face

We got to Jiayuguan 2 hours later:

Jiayuguan train station

Then I started to wait.

I was very happy.


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