oh thy dreadful burrows!

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How I loathed the day!

After I had started walking just to get warm in the morning, all the pretty landscapes kept guttering by in a thick and pasty stream…

man in field

…I felt tired and ill…

Would you like to know a dirty little secret?

In spite of all the countryside that has been generously laid out there for the wanderer to look at…

red bonnet

…walking can still suck.

And today it did just that.


I came through a gate once:


This had happened a hundred times before, those old gates are everywhere.

But then I ended up in a place where I didn’t want to stay:


And there seemed to be only one way out to the highway up north:


1,20 meters tall – 20 meters long, the ground sprinkled with little turds.

I could hear my own voice echoing away in the dark: Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck…

Well, there’s an end to every day’s joy and misery, and today I called it an early one:

roadside restaurant

I sat down in this restaurant where I heard about an “old Grandma” from Australia who had come by here – on foot, with a donkey.

There had been other people telling me about her recently; she had apparently started out somewhere in the west, and some voices even claimed that she had gotten cancer or some other terminal disease, and was now on a religious pilgrimage to get cured.

Maybe we’ll hear more about that mysterious old lady in the future, who knows?

Me personally, I sat down and put my feet up, then I ordered a serving of noodles and a soda pop from the freezer:


The owner was a very friendly guy who could even improvise a bit of English conversation.

“Do you have any beds for rent in this place?” I asked him in Chinese.

It was two thirty in the afternoon, the sun was out punishing the desert and baking the mountains around this place.

He smiled.

Then he came up with a reply in English: “Yes, we do!”

  • Gisela

    Vermutlich hast du Tag 222 schon abgehakt und es kann nur besser werden. Vom Vortag hast du so viele schöne Bilder und Eindrücke mitgebracht, dass dich so ein sch… Tag nur ein müdes Lächeln kosten sollte. Wer hat schon 365 Tage im Jahr Spass und gute Laune?


  • Ananda_Gua



  • Florian

    Von allen Impressionen finde ich ja diese Gebirgskette samt schneebedeckter Gipfel am beeindruckensten! Wie heißt denn das Gebirge?


  • Marvin

    As my wise old father used to say," sometimes you half to walk through a little s**t to get to the flowers" or something like that.
    You would be envious of Wanda. She is spending her week in Detroit, Michigan bowling in the Womens National Bowling Tournament.
    I am living the exciting life this week visiting customers in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.
    Take care and as always Godspeed.


  • Guojie

    Well, Good luck and take care of yourself. snow mountain and crops ready to harvest, plus a woman in red, what a view!


  • Alfredo

    I love the story about the "old Australian Grandma"! I think you have just given us a glimpse of how great stories came to be in the days before cinema and television. People who had never been very far from where they were born saw someone on a long trip and had to make sense of it. Their musings became part of the story. There must a real core at the center of a fantasy tale like 西游记 ("Journey to the West"). In a different age, it wouldn't be long before the donkey in your story got its own personality and life story, too!


  • Alfredo

    BTW, I do not want to take this too far, but why was there a gate with nothing on either side, and no fence to separate the two sides? You could answer it in a logical-historical way (work units liked to build that kind of thing, and it had a meaning then), but you could get a lot further with a bit of mythical thinking: was it Mumon, the Gate of No-Gate? and why did it come right after a channel with no water in it, and sluices with no gates?
    BTW, if you start thinking like this, take it seriously: you may have been in the sun too long 🙂


  • Steven

    I finally found out how immense work you have put in the 'Google Earth File' of the links.
    So detail and systematic.


  • claudia

    und auf der anderen seite der welt steht deutschland im em-halbfinale, nachdem die mannschaft die portugiesen völlig unerwartet besiegt hat!


    für den fall, dass das nicht bis westchina durchgedrungen ist. *G*


  • Florian

    Fiiiiinaaaalleee, ohooooo, Finaleeeee ohohohoooo


  • Christoph

    Hermann: Me too!!
    Gisela: siehe knarf!
    knarf: 🙂
    Ananda_Gua: 广州没有你还能算广州吗?
    Florian: Ha, keine Ahnung wie das heißt ehrlich gesagt!
    Marvin: Brilliant, that one with the flowers! Wait till I'm back though, and I'll show you some of my bowling tricks! 🙂
    Guojie: In retrospective, yes – it was nice to look at!
    Alfredo: Awesome comment as always! Very nice! (I hadn't thought of that, but now that you're mentioning it, it gives the whole thing a new meaning)
    Steven: Dude, I'm just so happy the damn thing seems to be working now, ha!
    claudia: Hehe, Internet…
    Florian: …


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