non-horseshit beard advice

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The valley around Yongchang was so green and so nice, a half day’s walk of pure pleasure:


The road construction team from yesterday had passed me again, only this time some of them waved me over for a chat:

construction crew

“Can I ask you a personal question?” said one of them, “we would like to know how old you are. Are you younger or older than forty?”


Here’s the thing: men don’t usually grow their beards before the age of 50 or 60 over here. So I guess 40 was still a euphemism, well sort of.

TLW reminder: Growing a beard might make you look older!

Ever since Xi’an, I’ve basically been massaging the same highway:



Only today I met a gentleman with three beautiful horses:

Peng Wenchao with his horses

This is Peng Wenchao ๅฝญๆ–‡ๆœ, who once used to be a taxi driver back in Beijing.

He has been riding his carriage for the last 6 months throughout all of the country, in a personal effort to support the Olympic Spirit.

And then, after the Olympics?

Mr. Peng smiles, then looks up at the sky: “Who knows what’s next? But one thing is for sure: I’ll keep the horses!”

There was this big fat rain-cloud that had been following me from the East, so I was pretty happy when I got to Shuimoguan in the afternoon and it hadn’t rained on me yet:

storm cloud

Lovely place – I keep repeating myself, but it’s just a fact:

little friends

It’s the people who really make all the difference.

We took this group picture that I’m going to send to these kids and the dude later:

group photo

11 heads = 11 pictures. We would have made a perfect soccer team!

…and then there was this gentleman who had obviously had quite a lot to drink:


I just love this picture. Great photography!

(too bad it obviously wasn’t me who took it)

  • Florian

    "non-horseshit beard advice"? Interessanter Titel! Da waren die Straßenarbeiter ja mal heavy on the woodway mit Deinem Alter.


  • Becci

    naja so hübsch sind die pferde ja nicht… sehen ein bißchen fertig aus… ๐Ÿ™‚ auf jeden fall nich schöner als meins! was selbstverständlich ist…


  • Barry

    Ein geiler Besen, den die Bauleutz da haben.
    Und sag mal, immer wieder taucht da auf Deinen Fotos so ein alter bärtiger Typ in Kahki auf, verfolgt der Dich? Oder haste vielleicht doch einen Lastennboy?


  • Christoph

    Florian: Titel ist an eine Pferderenngeschichte von Bukowski angelehnt.
    Becci: NIEMAND ist so schön wie dein Pferd! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Barry: Ha, alter bärtiger Typ eh?


  • Lilu

    Oh, Christoph intellektuell! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Josie Ella

    The road workees must have been shocked at how young you looked yet to them, had an old man beard. I believe their questions to be a compliment. I love ypur photographs of people. When I settle down more I’m reading myself to your new photo book.


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