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Just like I had promised myself: I didn’t do any walking today.

Instead I slapped on my blue slippers and took a slow stroll around town:

Bin Pagoda

This pagoda is Binxian’s landmark. People here call it Bin Pagoda 彬塔 and it is originally from the Northern Song-dynasty (北宋 960-1126).

They’re fixing a large central square around the thing, and one of the dudes working there asked me to take his picture:


Other people didn’t really ask for it, but they got their picture taken anyhow:


See, I was actually looking for food, and not hunting for curiosities, but then I noticed these guys tossing inlays into a crowd outside of a shoe-store:


And then there was the “Xi’an Foreign Language University” ad:

Speacial English

Notice what it says in English right below the large yellow characters?

WTF, an ad for a language school??

Whatever, I found a small restaurant to sit down and read for a while, then I walked back and took some leisure snapshots on the way:


…a market street:


…stuff to snack on:


…and the evening light playing with the power lines in front of my hotel:

lamp post

Would it be fair to assume that anything not boring is automatically speacial?

Well, today was a quiet day.

Not boring – quiet.

  • Maggie

    I am always amazed you can read Chinese.


  • Ina Zacherl

    Hallo Christoph, erinnerst Du Dich?
    Die nächsten Tage werde ich noch damit verbringen, mir das Ausmaß Deiner Reise im Ansatz vorstellen zu können- Hut ab, ich bin absolut sprachlos im positiven Sinne. Ich verneige mich vor Deiner Gabe, zu fotografieren – Deine Bilder berühren Herzen! Sei Dir sicher, daß ich Deinen Weg von nun an verfolgen werde, mach weiter so!


  • Christoph

    Maggie: easy as pie 😉
    Ina Zacherl: Na klar erinnere ich mich! 🙂


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