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Not much happened today, except for one thing: temperatures were rising, and it definitely got a bit warm on the road:

Shaanxi road

At some point, I came through a large working unit 单位 (a kind of government-owned company from the socialist era):

village in Shaanxi

This one was so big it basically formed a village by itself, complete with schools and everything:


I was told that this is the board where the scores of outstanding students get posted:


I liked the working unit – a very interesting place.

These buildings are from the 60s/70s and form the second generation of public housing:

working unit

The buildings before, mainly from the 50s and early 60s, are usually small single-family houses:


I found a little dude playing around somewhere in a back alley:


And what do you know – you blink, and suddenly there’s two little dudes, and they seem to look exactly alike:


Of course they’re not alike though; the left one is the first born of the two, and he seems a bit more cautious and shy than his little brother. Ha, but who am I kidding – put the two of them together and you have unleashed complete madness and a wrecking-ball. They hardly ever stand still, and they’re paws are everywhere!

Well, I managed to evacuate myself and the cameras and get out of harm’s way, and just another two hours down the road I arrived in Luofu:


This was an interesting place as well – the whole settlement clustered around a humongous power plant (four towers in total).

I was lucky enough to get a hotel room on the fourth floor just facing this sight:

power plant

That night, I had to leave the window open because it actually got too hot in my room.

Now that was a completely new thing.

  • Steven

    I went over quite a bit of your dairies today. It is fascinated. I am ashamed of myself to tell you – I am a pure Chinese. You are more “Chinese” than the majority of the “Modern Chinese nowadays in China”!


  • froggyfrog

    haha, I read all!!! and will continue to read every entries every day! I love travelling. but I don't have time and courage to travel for two years, almost Non-stop and ALONE!!! Cool Dube, go on!


  • Christoph

    Steven: 别夸奖!
    froggyfrogg: Thanks dude, I'm doing my best.


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