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This is me after precisely one thousand kilometers:


Feels good, I can tell you that.

A time to celebrate, a reason to get down:


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Okay, it’s stupid. But the very last bit when I’m trying to pick up my stick always makes me laugh.

As nice as it is, I can’t allow myself to get caught up in the moment. Gotta keep walking.

Right next to the highway, covered up in the snow, there’s a tiny place called Yandian. They have a tree growing from an empty building there:

tree growing from building

This structure used to be a gateway over a medium-sized road. The locals tell me that the last Emperor’s mother herself once traveled on this ancient road and marveled at that tree.

No one really knows how, but the tree apparently got there completely by itself. And it looks like it’s there to stay.

…”the locals” – really an inappropriate description for a bunch of interesting and very charming folks. I got some pears and sat down for a chat in the back of a friendly old man’s store. His wife was busy fixing some clothes and allowed me to snap a picture:

sowing machine

I loved the design of the old sewing machine. “Made in Shanghai” – cool.

Then I was back out in the cold. Very few people outside.

I had some fun playing with colors:

snow in Shanxi


green bag


Then I arrived at Dingcun ไธๆ‘, a remote tiny village featuring an another ancient courtyard:

Dingcun courtyard

Much like Chang Family courtyard – sheepolution, Qiao Family courtyard – camel #4 and Wang Family courtyard – more than numbers, this is a wealthy merchant’s private estate as well.

This particular place seems very unspoiled though.

tree in Dingcun

Maybe it’s because of its remote location, but the traditional customs have been preserved remarkably well:

traditional items in Dingcun

Another attraction of Dingcun is the archeological excavation site:

fossils in Dingcun

A bunch of dinosaur bones were discovered here in the 50s.

I don’t know much about bones though.

But I liked this place and it’s been snowing heavily outside anyways.

So I happily accepted a family’s offer to stay with them.

  • kati

    seit wann bist du ein Entertainer? Haaaaaa…sehr lustig und gefällt mir…


  • Rubi

    haha, wieviele tausender fehlen noch? ๐Ÿ˜€
    hast du was über den zielflughafen für mich herausgefunden?


  • Uncle

    Hi Steffen und ich haben gestern was geposted, mit photo. Hat wohl nicht geklappt. Glück auf, wa?



  • juergen rehage

    Gratuliere und pass weiter auf Dich auf – Juergen


  • alex NY

    CELEBRATIONNNNN!!! that's the difference between you and me, i would've use it as a reason to get drunk XD

    glad to see you all back to healthy ้›ทๅ…‹ again!
    stay warm!


  • froggyfrog



  • David lee

    congratulations~~~ ohoo~ peng~~


  • rindy

    The 1st KM~~~~~~
    nice dancing!no lighting,no music but so happy!


  • Liang Lihua

    ๅพˆไฝฉๆœไฝ ็š„ๅ‹‡ๆฐ”๏ผŒ่ฎฉๆˆ‘ไธ€ไธ‹ๅญๆƒณ่ตทไบ†ๅฐค้‡Œ่ฅฟๆ–ฏUlysses๏ผŒๆˆ‘ไนŸๅ†ๆฌก่Œๅ‘ไบ†็”Ÿๆดป็š„ๅฅ‡ๆƒณๅ‘€๏ผๅธŒๆœ›ไธ€ๅˆ‡้กบๅˆฉ๏ผ


  • Christoph

    kati: Immer bereit, die Massen zu erfreun! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Rubi: Tausender um Tausender. Einen nach dem andern.
    Uncle: Nichts hier angekommen. Aber nette E-Mail vom Steffen. Schreibe morgen zurück, Altaaa
    juergen rehage: Immer!
    alex NY: ้›ทๅ…‹ back and ON THE DANCEFLOOR!
    froggyfrog: Thx!
    David lee: Thanks!
    rindy: Always doing my best! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Liang Lihua: ่ฐข่ฐข๏ผๆฌข่ฟŽไฝ ไปฅๅŽๅธธๆฅ็œ‹ๆˆ‘็š„ๆ…ขๆ…ข็š„่ฟ›่กŒ๏ผ


  • wuhsi

    das dun nen ausgezeichneter Tänzer bist, wußte ich ja schon lange, das macht auch richtig Spass Dir zuzusehen…
    … aber, an Deiner Knieaktion solltest Du noch ein bischen arbeiten, wenn Du nen ganz großer werden willst.
    … aber hast ja auch noch ein paar Tausender zum Üben bis zum Großem Finale!!!


  • Christoph

    Haha, ich hoffe ja noch, dass du einen Tanz mit mir tanzt, wie in den guten alten Zeiten (aus denen es ja noch Beweise gibt!) ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • ไธๆณฝๅ†›

    ไธๆ‘ seems related to my family. I probably will visit there later. I'm very happy to see photos firt. Anyway, you are great. I also enjoy your nice photos.


  • guojie mao

    hi, My hometown is just few miles away from Dingcun and I visited the musem again at last year when I went back to Xiangfen. it is so great to see your photos on Google Earth. Good luck and enjoy your journey. Guojie from Cambridge.


  • Christoph

    ไธๆณฝๅ†›: This place is definitely worth a visit, you should go there sometime!
    guojie mao: Welcome to the way and cheers to Cambridge!


  • Wei

    The video was linked to your 12007km dance. But wow, wondering what youโ€™d say to yourself if the 2008 Chris saw his 12007km dance in 2019.


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