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I found Pingyao to be a large rectangle that is bursting with history to look at.

We decided to pick out only the sights with a rating of AAAA, like for example, China’s very first bank:

China's first bank

Rishengchang 日升昌 was established in the late Qing-dynasty.

It’s part of what this whole part of the country is famous for:

inside China's first bank

A traditional spirit of mercantilism.

Then there were some more banks and some temples.

temple in Pingyao

…lots of walking and a confusing number of gates to pass through, so I forget what these places were called.

But it was fun anyways:

Juli in a temple

I found a nice substitute for Christmas candles:

incense in a temple in Pingyao

Unfortunately, the “only professional photography museum in the country” was closed and didn’t look like it was going to re-open within the next few days:

Photography Museum of Pingyao

No bad feelings, though – only a good excuse to call it a day and go back to the hotel.

We’re on holidays after all.

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