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This post is about a 24km walk from Dingzhou to Cheng’anpu. The weather is good, but my foot is bad. I think about exoticism.

The sky was azure and made everything look like Indian summer today. There was clean air and there were golden sun rays, it was cold in the shadows and warm in the sun.

a door on the way from Dingzhou to Cheng'anpu

I thought: could this be the last day before winter? And I opened my jacket and I opened my sweater, because I wanted to let in the warmth.

And then I slowly limped through the town gate, out of Dingzhou, southwest on G107.

Dingzhou old town

what’s exotic and what isn’t

Sometimes thoughts have their own twisted ways. Like today, I was looking at something and I caught myself thinking: man, that looks weird!

And then I realized something.

Of course it looked weird! It was supposed to look weird, at least to me. I was in a far away land where everything was different from my home. It’s what people used to call EXOTIC – something that was foreign to oneself.

But wait! Maybe the place was ordinary and I was the one being exotic? I actually thought this made a lot more sense.

bad foot

Oh, and did I just say I LIMPED out of town? Yes, my foot is messed up again.

Enjoy looking at other people’s misery? I have to admit I do sometimes, so this foot photo is from me for you.

my foot after the walk from Dingzhou to Cheng'anpu

This has been spoiling my fun today.

But apart from the foot, it was all good. The weather was fine, the sky was a clean shade of blue, and I peacefully limped along the highway, trying to walk from Dingzhou to Cheng’anpu.

Some people were busy working.

truck on the way from Dingzhou to Cheng'anpu

Lots of places along today’s road were in the sand-business, I wondered where they got all that sand.

Other people were taking a time off.

work break

I don’t know what business this guy was supposed to be in, but for a brief moment I thought I had seen him before in the movies playing all the dudes that die driving.

Most people just kind of rushed by me honking their horns. Some did it as a greeting, some in surprise or disbelief, others just to let me know that I better get my exotic ass out of their way. The street got quite narrow at times.

The road to walk from Dingzhou to Cheng'anpu

again no heat

I made it to the next settlement by the time azure was turning into rosé.

finishing the walk from Dingzhou to Cheng'anpu

Cheng’anpu was a fascinating place.

It was basically just one strip of houses (mostly shops) flanking the highway, and it seemed almost like an old settlement in the Wild West. It had the dusty air, too.

I ate a bowl of baimian 白面.

food stall in Cheng'anpu

Then I went up into my hotel room.

It was only then that I noticed that they were going to turn off the heating here, too. This was apparently common practice in this region. No heat after midnight.

I sighed and brushed my teeth. Then I had a look at my right heel, took a picture and put some ointment on it.

The picture was for your enjoyment. The ointment was for me, to ease the pain.

  • joerg

    thanks for the "from-me-to-you-picture".
    wie war das noch mit den socken? hätteste mal auf mich gehört. naja, du wirst sehn, in nem halben jahr haste füße wie gollum und dann kannste deine schuhe wegschmeißen und kraxelst barfuß weiter 😉


  • Christoph

    hehe, du hättest meine Füße sehen sollen, als ich beim Paris-Bad Nenndorf-Spaziergang auf DEINEN Rat hin nicht die Socken gewechselt habe – vom Gestank ganz zu schweigen!! Neenee, dann lieber auf die zivilisierte Art Schmerzen haben!
    Das mit den Stahlfüßen in nem halben Jahr hoffe ich allerdings auch, sonst wird das unangenehm über 2 Jahre hinweg!


  • Ananda_Gua

    I like your pictures and your writing,they are all very beautiful.Very happy you are doling the matter which you wants to do.I really envy you!
    Best wishes!
    Take care your foot!


  • Christoph

    Thank you so much! I hope you drop in here from time to time!
    (BTW: I think my foot is the most beautiful of all)
    Wish you all the best!


  • Lilu

    Hattest Du mir nicht versprochen, uns allen den Anblick Deiner Blase zu ersparen?!! Nun gut, Du konntest es nicht lassen. Dieses Mal lache ich nicht, ich weine vor Mitleid…


  • Christoph

    Nanana, ich hatte es eigentlich zum Amusement der Allgemeinheit hier reingestellt, nicht, damit meine Freunde traurig werden!


  • Lilu

    Keine Sorge, das Weinen hat sich ganz schnell in ein höhnisches Lachen à la Sideshow-Bob verwandelt! Höhöhähähähä


  • Christoph

    à la Sideshow-Bob? Lilu, Lilu, das ist aber mal echt ein HÖHNISCHES Lachen!


  • Rindy



  • Christoph



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