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The world has two faces:


the city…

village near Shouyang

…and the countryside.

It seems as if more and more people are living in more and more populated places.

– A part of the world with nobody inhabiting it?

winter in Shanxi

Beautiful, yet scary thought.

I mean, I like the countryside. It can be great for taking pictures.

But to me it’s not just nature itself, it’s the interaction of man and nature that is most fascinating:

encounter on a country road

Big bull, small man.


Empires have been built on this.

Anyways, I’m walking, and I’m at an altitude of over 1100m now. Yesterday’s 40km are really wearing me down, and it just isn’t that much fun this way.

I have told you about the malicious mongrels on the road. They are everywhere:


This was actually a stray dog family I think. They were just quietly feeding on a pile of garbage and didn’t even take notice of me.

“Goooooood boy!”

By the way, I stayed in a hotel with floor heating and a pool last night. Awesome place.

Well, this shack on the side of the road also calls itself “Grand Hotel”:


I doubt I would find a pool in here though. How about floor heating maybe?

On the way I found someone else who wasn’t exactly living up to the expectations either:


Falling apart 崩溃.

Well, no. It’s not that bad with me. I’m in a small private guesthouse in the countryside, there is a (working) radiator next to my bed, and I am watching a Chinese TV series about women in the military.

I have banana chips.

Nothing to worry about.

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