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At first it didn’t really look like I was going to shoot many pictures today, because the heating in this hotel softly convinced me to stay a bit longer:


So I bought a coke and a bag of chips, some chocolate candy bars, a pound of tangerines and 16 yogurts (8 strawberry + 8 peach flavored). Then I lounged around in my room, washed some dirty socks and looked at them dry on the radiator.

I was just wasting away playing a video game (which I kept losing) when I got a call from a dude I had met on the street:

The Yang brothers treated me to hot pot in their own restaurant

These are the Yang Brothers 杨兄弟. They own a hot pot restaurant in Yangquan and were really friendly and nice to talk to.

We had a superb dinner and they even let me shoot in the restaurant’s kitchen:

hot pot restaurant

I don’t know why, but work is really one of the most interesting subjects for me to take pictures of.


I like the way things look in a professional environment.


It seems like everything has been designed for a purpose, not just for show. I like that.

Here’s another tattoo for ya:

love you

This time it’s a really sweet one.

Going through today’s pictures, I just realized I would like to talk about this one a little more:

cash register

This photograph seems to be telling a little story, doesn’t it? To me, it kind of looks like the poor waitress is desperate over her accounting.

But you wanna know what? She isn’t. She just doesn’t like to have her picture taken. Upon noticing me with my camera, her eyes got wide, then she blushed and covered her face with her hands.

I took the picture anyways.

And I like it, my pretty little storytelling picture.

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