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Here’s part two of my use of relations (certificate of participation): Yesterday in the afternoon I received a call, telling me things were being taken care of. So today I waited outside of the hotel/stadium, when a black limousine pulled up. It was two dudes who were there to take me to the police station. […]


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I went back to the municipal police station to extend my visa. I needed nothing fancy, just a few weeks more to do some traveling inside of the country, until I would hop on my plane back to Germany on October 13th. Easy as pie, I figured. After all the troubles in the Western regions, I was […]


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I was in my room just getting ready to brush my teeth when Mike from England busted in the door: “Dude, I am so happy to see you!” he exclaimed and sat down with me to relieve his heart of some stuff that had troubled him during the last couple of days. The poor dude […]