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Where I am from, Christmas is on the evening of December 24th. Today is not Christmas. —But for me it is— I’m still chillin’ when Haozi rings me up and says: “Where you at, we’re coming over!” You guessed right, they’re coming to bring me back… …my one… …and only… …priceless… …beloved… …my wide-angle lens! But […]

good news

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My hotel room has orange curtains. They make everything orange in the room. I like it, because it feels warm. I have spent a whole day in this orange light, writing my blog, sorting my pictures, watching a TV show, waiting for my foot to heal up a bit. Once I went out to get […]

help from inside and outside

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I got help today, and I needed it badly. Waking up in that sub-zero hotel room in Gucheng, Zhu Hui came up with an idea: “Why don’t we just walk all the way to Baoding – today?” he asked me. “Well, because it’s 35km to Baoding, we’ll never make it!” Zhu Hui thought for a while: “It’s […]