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This post is about a walk from Cide to Gideros. My old friend the Kantian joins me, and we decide to party into my birthday.

Guess who came to walk with me for a few days? That’s right:the Kantian!

And since it was going to be my birthday the day after, we decided to settle down for the night in a nice place not far from Cide. Also, we got a bottle of gin and two bottles of tonic for ourselves – and lemons, because we were sirs.

beachgoers and Amazons

The way out of Cide was basically a straight line. There was the beach, the promenade, and then the road. Behind the road, there were holiday homes. Most of them seemed to be empty now, but we saw a few scattered individuals getting tanned on the beach.

One thing that I liked about today’s walk was how we were able to see our destination almost all day. There, in the distance, at the far end of the straight line, lay the hills that we were going to have to ascend.

And hidden behind the first one of those hills was the bay of Gideros. Legend hat it that it was the home of the Amazons (just like the island off the coast of Giresun that I had visited two years earlier).

partying with my favorite animal

When we got to Gideros, there was a ruined building, and we thought that we might have to camp there. But as it turned out there was a tea garden just down the road. The owner was a nice old man who had lived in Germany. As there were only two other guests and they weren’t going to stay long, he allowed us to camp right there between the tables. Then he gave us the key and drove off.

We started drinking early. By the time we were about one fourth through the bottle, a jellyfish showed up in the water. I love jellyfish. They – along with donkeys – are my favorite animals.

By the time we were half way through the bottle, we were listening to Amorphis, The Del-Vikings, Diana Ross, The Trammps, Christian Cannabich, GWAR, Pantera, Desolation, Manowar, Pablopavo i Ludziki, and Stan Ridgway. At least that’s what I can gather from my Spotify history.

Later in the night, when there wasn’t that much gin left, we were making moves that could be interpreted as dancing.


What we got:

gin, tonic, lemons on a walk from Cide to Gideros

Beach promenade in Cide:

beach promenade to walk from Cide to Gideros

People getting tanned in November:

People getting tanned in November


cat between Cide and Gideros

The way to walk from Cide to Gideros:

the way to walk from Cide to Gideros

ruined house in Gideros:

ruined house at Gideros

The tea garden:

Gideros tea garden

Gideros bay:

Gideros bay



Gideros at night:

Gideros at night

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