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We all refer to each other using different names. My German friends call me Christoph. In English I usually introduce myself as Chris. Over in China some people know me as Leike, or rather: Laolei. And I like to imagine that my cats refer to me as The Fun-Thing™.

Lately I seem to have acquired another name: Gussman.

Gussman gets many gifts. When one of my neighbors invited me for breakfast, I left with this jar of home-made confiture:

home-made confiture


When another neighbor invited me for dinner, I left with a plate full of this:

indescribable melon thing

I don’t know what it’s called. All I know is that it’s somehow made from the white part of a watermelon. Hard to believe, I know. But trust Gussman when he tells you: it tastes a-ma-zing.

After all the eating I decided that my old thermos wasn’t going to come with me anymore. It had been damaged, and it didn’t really do what it was supposed to do: keep stuff cool and keep stuff warm. But then, when I asked some friends where to look for a quality-thermos, they told me to wait. A few days later I received this:

new thermos

My new thermos! And it might just be the best thermos I have ever owned. But look! They even made a little engraving near the top:

from Alejandro and Ines


And because the best thermos in the world wasn’t enough, I got a (properly engraved) flask along with it:

new flask

Gussman doesn’t know how to repay all of this kindness.

But what he does know is this:

I know what to do

What to do when it’s cold.

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