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The Chinese language has a slang word called 猫奴 (maonu) – it means “cat slave”, and if your arms, hands, and legs look like this, then maybe you’re one of us:


Each drip of blood a decoration.

It’s been two months that Coco, Toto, and Bobo dropped from the sky and into my life. Since then, they have grown a lot, and their individual characters have become more distinct:

Coco, Toto, Bobo

Toto is shy, Bobo is lazy, and Coco is wild.

Oh, I haven’t told you where I am, yet! I’ve been stranded in Tbilisi, Georgia:


Not the worst place in the world for that kind of thing to happen.

Gogita Gogidze (aka Gogo), the mom of the three kittehs, still comes over every day to nurse them and play together:

Gogita Gogidze

As to who might be the dad of the kittehs, there are a few other cats in this yard as well. One of them is this absolute unit who comes over sometimes to grab some food:


I think he might be Gogita’s boyfriend. So he might be the dad.

But let’s get back to the kittehs.

Coco (aka Corona, Coconut, Mr. Nuts) is a bit more playful than his siblings:


Toto (Tovli, Totoro) turned out to be a girl. She is smaller in size and a bit more timid than the others:


Bobo (The Big One, Bobona) is very lazy:

The Big One the cat

Doesn’t look lazy in the picture?

Well, how about this one:


Yep, that’s Bobona.

Anyway, all three of the kittehs like playing with socks and with plastic bottles, with my hair, and with cardboard boxes. In fact they seem to have a fetish for boxes, especially those tissue boxes that have a round opening at the top, and especially Toto.

Behold Totoro, the Queen of Tissue Boxes:


Also, they like sleeping in the most absurd positions, and I both love and admire them for it:


Which is where the sad part of the story starts. Well, sad for me, anyway.

The thing is that Gogo and her kittehs Coco, Toto, and Bobo can’t stay with me forever. One day, when this Covid19 situation is finally over, I will leave Tbilisi and go back to Sinop to find the Caboose and continue my long walk home. Not much will change for Gogo. She has been living here in the yard all her life. People know her and give her food. I will vaccinate and spay her, and she will be fine.

But any given yard can only support a certain number of cats.

I don’t think there is space here for Coco, Toto, and Bobo. So I want to find people to adopt them and give them loving homes.

They are now eight weeks old, which means we are nearing the day that they will not need their mom anymore. She still nurses them, but they have also been eating cat food for about two weeks now, and they love it. Incidentally, they have been using the cat toilet for about the same time (before that – and shockingly to me – they could neither pee nor poop by themselves and had to be licked by their mom). I have to admit it makes me a bit proud to see how serious they are about using their litter boxes and about cleaning up after themselves.

They’re in perfectly good health. I’m now in the process of deworming them. After that I will get them vaccinated. And then, hopefully, I will find responsible, nice people who will take them in – and become their slaves.

Here are some more pictures of the little shits in action:






kittehs with cardboard box

kittehs with tissue box

Toto with plastic bottle

Coco, Toto, Bobo, Chris













Godfuggindammit, I will miss them.

PS: Good news! A good friend of mine has agreed to become Bobo’s slave! 🙂 If you or someone you know in the area wants to become slave to Toto or Coco, let me know. They are perfect.

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