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I’m home, taking care of a few things. The Caboose is waiting for me in Turkey, and sometimes I can hear her call. What can I do but softly whisper back, telling her to wait just a bit longer, just until the end of March. She says she understands. But she keeps on calling.

Meanwhile, I have received a sample of one my new shirts.

new shirt

I like this one a lot.

And remember those fobs I got two years ago? I made them to give to people who’ve been nice to me on the way, and now they’re almost all gone. So I decided to make a bunch of new fobs.

new fob

Oh, and my Silk Road map that I’ve been drawing that black line on for the last few years? It’s finally done! I mean, the line that started on the right edge of the map three and a half years ago has now reached the left edge.

silk road map

So I got a map of Europe and put it up next to it.

Here’s a video where I trace my route on the maps and also show you the fob, the shirt, and my Hanover smile.


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  • Kelly

    Welcome back. Good to hear from you.


  • Wei

    😂that Hanover smile…
    I drive past a Hanover Road everyday on my way to work. Actually it is right after the last traffic lights, then onto Hanover rd and then around the block and then arrive at work. How I miss that routine now, having been working from home since the lockdown… next time I stop at the lights and look at the road sign Hanover Rd, I’ll think of that Hanover smile. Lol cheeky


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