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I’m staying in Batumi, in an old apartment that has been turned into a hostel. The walls are almost twice as high as a person, and they are covered in wood panels. I mostly stay put on a couch, reading, having trail mix and tea, playing Mario Kart, listening to the sound of heavy rainfall outside.

Soon I’m off to Tbilisi. I’ll stay there for a few weeks, then I’ll fly to Germany to see my family and sort out some things. I hope I can return to the walk by the end of March. Still, I don’t know how to get a permit to cross the Bosphorus Bridge. I’ve asked a Turkish journalist and the German consulate in Istanbul for help, maybe something will turn up. Someone suggested walking back and forth on a ferry.

You will not be hearing from me much. If you’re bored, maybe you haven’t already watched the little Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan video I made a while ago? You could also read one of the travel books I’ve reviewed over on BookSlap, or responsibly sample some vodka at SlowerPulse. Otherwise there’s always a lot of porn on the internet.

Oh, and if you’re looking for Christmas gifts, check out the prints, shirts, and mugs from The Longest Way. I made them so people can support the project and get something to remember me by.

Until then, gang!

hostel in Batumi

old facade in Batumi

rain in Batumi

umbrella in Batumi

selfie in Batumi


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