forty million and two dreams

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I wake up late, and when I do, I remember my dreams. There were two.

The first was about me arriving at my home on my final day of walking. There was a sense of relief that I had made it, but there was also a sense of panic that I had forgotten something.

The second dream was about the highest mountain on earth, snow-capped and stormy and all. In my dream there was a complex tunnel system with an elevator right under the summit, so getting there was actually quite easy. It was swarming with tourists.

I don’t know what either of these dreams meant.

When I finally decide to venture outside it is already dark. I go to a large square nearby. Here, Samsun looks like an average European city, complete with American fast food restaurants, a carousel, and even some Christmas decorations.

There’s a shopping area where some local stores offer everything from jewelry to religious books, but all of them are either closed or just about to close. I take a few pictures with some of the vendors, then I go back to my room.

It’s the end of the year 2019, and the Weird Beard Video has just passed the mark of forty million views. From the comments I get under the video it seems as if everyone sees something different in it.

downtown Samsun shopping area

carousel in Samsun

Christmas decorations in Samsun

Samsun shops

Bakir and his friend

forty million

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